I was born in Los Angeles. My first contact with the beauty of the natural world came when my family moved to a woodland area. For many years, I called the beaches and the hills of Southern California home. Sailing was a big part of my life. The world of boats exposed me to Herculean efforts and heroism on a regular basis. The connections I have to the legends and myths of ancient Greece are based on those early experiences.

In 1992, after an enlightening trip to Athens, the Peloponnesus and the Cycladic Islands, I began to paint mythic and Homeric subjects. While doing so, I discovered parallels between contemporary human values and those of the Greek Archaic period. As the paintings developed, time and emotions between the present and the past became intermingled. I continue adding new paintings and monotype prints to this series, finding joy and excitement in the process.

I now live in Dry Creek Valley, a wine growing region, near San Francisco. My painting studio and home are linked by a path through fir and oak trees where, in spring and summer, nesting hawks and ravens argue overhead. It is a place where wood nymphs, I'm sure, abound.


Johnson State College, Vermont; MFA 2004
San Francisco Art Institute, California; BFA 1995
Marble and Art Workshop, Pietra Santa, Italy 1994
Buchanan Watercolor Workshop, Cycladic Islands, Greece 1992

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